One-Step Outdoor Rust Prevention

Simplify Your Metal Finishing Process

Whether your products are being shipped overseas, sitting in inventory on a shelf or waiting for the next metal finishing process, they represent a significant dollar investment. You want to protect that investment from rust and corrosion.  That’s where Hubbard-Hall can help.

Metal Guard™ 900 is a viscous, solvent-based rust preventative for extended indoor and outdoor exposures on bare metal surfaces. Proven effective to protect against corrosion in one easy step. 

  • pH nuetral
  • Self-healing
  • 1-step application
  • Wipe off!

Lower VOCs than any existing rust prevention process making it safer for the environment and the user.

The Metal Guard 900 Process

The Metal Guard 900 Process
Applied before or after finishing, no equipment or tanks are required, saving you time and money.

Real Life Application

One customer that is a heavy equipment manufacturer used Metal Guard 900 on parts being shipped overseas.

The customer used a paint roller to apply Metal Guard 900 to a fully finished part prior to loading it onto the cargo ship. By the time these parts arrived at their destination, they had been exposed to the elements for over 60 days.

The photo on the left proves that Metal Guard 900 can provide over 2 months of rust and corrosion protection from the elements. The part on the upper right was protected with a competitor’s product and shrink wrapped. Notice the visible corrosion.

Pictured above are test strips exposed to the elements. Metal Guard 900 seen all the way to the left, leaving no residue behind and preventing any corrosion.

Hubbard-Hall’s line of Metal Guard products offers 42 displacing variations specific for your needs.

Find the one right for you.

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