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About Us

History and Values

Chemical Distribution reach defined by the stamina of a horse

Everything you need to know about Hubbard-Hall can be found in our roots as Apothecary’s Hall, a neighborhood store selling paints, fertilizers and sundries that opened its doors in 1849 in Waterbury, CT. Dr. Gideon Platt, owner and pharmacist, spent his days behind the high counters of his store, personally attending to the needs of customers – mixing headache powders, loading bags of fertilizers or pouring sodas. And if you need goods delivered? Absolutely. A horse-drawn wagon is at your service.

To Overseas Container ships

Fast forward 160 years, and you can still find the proprietor of the business looking out for the needs of his customers, employees and community. Charles Kellogg, Chairman/CFO and a fifth generation descendant of Dr. Platt’s successor, has seen the transition of Hubbard-Hall from a local merchant with a distribution reach defined by the stamina of a horse to a global chemical company using road, rail and overseas container ships to deliver quality products to a diverse manufacturing base of customers.

How does a business survive since 1849?

“Adaptability and integrity – those values have defined Hubbard-Hall for 160 years,” said Kellogg, “and they will carry us forward, even in these uncertain economic times.” Whether you look backward at Hubbard-Hall’s unique history — or forward to Hubbard-Hall’s stability in a tumultuous market – you encounter the same principles of sound business:

  • Environmental and product stewardship for sustainable growth
  • Safety and Security: Best practices for our Associates and the community
  • Anticipation of market trends and development of related products and services
  • Conservative financial practices that enable quick reaction to new opportunities
  • Recruitment and training of the very best people