Building Resiliency - Caring for Caregivers

Are you a caregiver that needs to learn how to find some time for yourself?  Join the webinar presented by our partner KGA:

The Sandwich Generation and Beyond: How to Be a Caregiver While Taking Care of Yourself

Wednesday, April 17, 2024 at 1PM Eastern
Presenter: Katherine McHugh

Are you taking care of any or all of the following: children, parents, grandparents, other family members, friends, pets? Are you doing this while simultaneously working and trying to care for yourself? This hour is for you. The Sandwich Generation refers to feeling “caught in the middle” of caretaking responsibilities across generations. Often, we are kind and giving to others while we push ourselves beyond our own limits. Indeed, well-meaning friends and relatives often tell you to take good care, but no one actually tells you how to do that! With the myriad of activities that we do in service of others, let’s learn how to find support and time for ourselves. Join us to discover practical tools and life-giving skills as caregivers across the life span. In this session, we broaden the term “sandwich generation” to include all of us who feel pulled in many directions.

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