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Tiede’s 4 Recipes for Wastewater Success

Our Aquapure Technical Product Manager, Robin Tiede, will admit that solving the wastewater puzzle can take time and a lot of sleuthing but believes if you follow certain steps it can help reduce this time. In a four-part monthly series, Robin will provide recommendations and tools that can help shorten the time it takes to… Read more »

Aquapure WasteWater Treatment Corner

All Polymer Flocculants are not created equal. While metal bearing wastewater is best served through the use of a high charge, high mole weight, anionic polymer. Fats’ Oils and Greases (FOG) work best with a cationic polymer. How are they used? Polymer Flocculants are used in chemical precipitation of wastewater treatment to destabilize the suspended… Read more »