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Remove Metal Precipitants from Your Wastewater

Versatility and speed are the benefits of Hubbard-Hall’s water treatment precipitants. These Aquapure™ products remove metals that may be heavily chelated or complexed and won’t come out of solution with pH adjustment only.

These are our featured Precipitant Wastewater Treatment products. To see a more extensive list of 36 products, click here.

Wastewater Treatment: Precipitants
Features Aquapure P-601

Aquapure T-1000

Aquapure P 2001

Aquapure T-500
pH 7-12 7+ 5+ 12-13.5
pH of Material 12.2-12.8 13.2 13-13.5  7-11
Directly Discharge x
Sewer Discharge x x  x x
Versatile x x
Heavy Metals Reduction x x x x
Compatible with Membrane Systems x x
Fast Acting x x x x
Minimal Sludge x x x x
Monitor with ORP Meter x x x
Low Odor x  x

Click here to see 36 products.