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Heat Treatment & Rubber Curing Salts

Heat transfer salts or heat treat salts are used in alloy heat treatments, such as annealing and martempering of steel. Heat transfer salts are also used to cure extruded and molded rubber, along with being used for thermal storage in the solar industry. We manufacture our own line of heat treat salts on-site at our Connecticut and South Carolina plants. Hubbard-Hall’s heat treating salts are widely used for hardening, annealing, martempering, tempering, and isothermal quenching.

Why use us for heat treat & rubber curing salts?

  • Supplying rubber curers & heat treaters for 75 years’.IMG_1714 (1)
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified and Lean company.
  • Controlled product consistency with on-site manufacturing.
  • Product quality laboratory testing prior to packaging.
  • Advanced inventory control program to meet on-time delivery requirements.
  • Choice of standard bags, drums, super sacks quantities.
  • Dedicated technical team provide tank-side service.

Below is our list of heat treatment and rubber curing products. They are categorized by the application method used and melting points. Click on the product name to view the Product Bulletin and click here to request a demo.

Type of Heat Treating Product Melting Point Working Range
Quenching & Tempering Quick Temper 275 275º F. 300º – 1000º F.
Quick Temper 300 310º F. 380º – 1100º F.
Quick Temper 430 430º F. 500º – 1100º F.
Type Product Melting Point Working Range
Austempering, Martemping &
Isothermal Quenching
Quick Temper 275 275º F. 300º – 1000º F.
Quick Temper 430 430º F. 500º – 1100º F.
Type of Heat Treating Product Melting Point Working Range
Solution Heat Treating &
Annealing of Aluminum
Quick Cure 420 420º F. 500º – 1100º F.
Type of Heat Treating Product Melting Point Working Range
Neutral Salt Hardening Neutral Salt A 1000º F. 1100º – 1750º F.
Neutral Salt B 1200º F. 1300º – 1700º F.
Neutral Salt C 850º F. 925º – 1600º F.
Neutral Salt H 1200º F. 1300º – 1900º F.
Neutral Salt HB 1450º F. 1500º – 2100º F.
Neutral Salt HH 1600º F. 1700º – 2400º F.
Neutral Salt HHS 1750º F. 1900º – 2400º F.
Self-Rectifying Neutral Salt BS 1200º F. 1300º – 1700º F.
Type of Heat Treating Product Melting Point Working Range
Rubber Curing, Heat Transfer Quick Cure 275 275º F. 300º – 1000º F.
Quick Cure 300 310º F. 380º – 1100º F.
Quick Cure 360 360º F. 380º – 1100º F.
Quick Cure 420 420º F. 500º – 1100º F.

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Want to learn more?

Keep reading below to learn more about Neutral Salts, Quenching and Tempering SaltsRubber Curing Salts, Solution Heat Treating/Annealing of Aluminum and Descaling Salts.

Neutral Salts

Designed to provide excellent fluidity and great stability, Hubbard-Hall’s neutral heat treatment salts are formulated with a balanced mixture of chlorides. The Neutral Salts highlighted in this section include only 1 non-barium product (neutral salt B). Selection of neutral salts is generally based on operating range.

Quenching and Tempering Salts

This line of heat treatment salts is composed of nitrate-nitrite salts for use as steel tempering or quenching media. All are completely water soluble, easily washed and have similar high-transfer rates and heat capacity.

Rubber Curing Salts

Rubber curing heat treatment salts are a high purity, eutectic mixture of nitrate and nitrite salts. They are formulated specifically for curing extruded rubber profiles at the lowest possible temperature ranges. All chemicals used in these rubber curing salts are water-soluble and do not form any insolubles. Therefore, the solidified salt is easily removed from the surface in a hot water spray rinsing station at the end of the trough just after emerging from the salt trough.

Solution Heat Treating/Annealing of Aluminum

Molten heat treatment salts provide the high degree of temperature uniformity required for the satisfactory heat treatment of aluminum alloys. Hubbard-Hall’s aluminum heat treatment salts are free flowing and high purity products.

Descaling Salts

Molten descaling salts can be used to remove oxide scales from both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Molten Descaling Salts have the ability to produce clean, scale-free surfaces without base metal loss, pitting or etching.