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Electronic Chemicals

Electronic Chemicals

When it comes to electronic grade, high purity chemicals—process, photoresists, developers, strippers or ancillaries – semiconductor manufacturers demand absolute product quality and product availability for electronic chemicals.

Hubbard-Hall is a “preferred supplier” to one of the region’s leading electronic chip manufacturers. As a distributor for the industry’s most reputable semiconductor and advanced material chemical producers, Hubbard-Hall can meet any high purity chemical demand and satisfy strict delivery requirements, ensuring that fab never shuts down.

Hubbard-Hall is also one of the few electronic chemical distributors in the Northeast offering a full range of advanced and industrial electronic grade semiconductor chemicals, including process chemicals, photoresist, and waste treatment chemicals.

Hubbard Hall Provides:

Hubbard-Hall is the preferred distributor of semiconductor and semiconductor chemicals by adhering to strict quality control regulations imposed by leading manufacturers.

  • 24/7 delivery
  • Full logistical support for returnable assets
  • Reduced inventory and shipping costs
  • Wide combination of products available a single shipment