Hubbard-Hall: Chemical supplier and Industry experts



Unique Position

Unlike many chemical companies, Hubbard-Hall operates two divisions and goes to market as a value added chemical supplier. We are in a unique position of being basic in both commodity chemicals AND specialty chemicals, meaning we can combine a whole range of chemistries in a single shipment. This offers efficiency and economic value to the customers with whom we work.

Chemicals are our core business

Hubbard-Hall’s core expertise is chemicals and our customers are a diverse group of manufacturing companies who use chemicals in the processing of a downstream finished good. Think durable goods, clean water and intermediate blends and you understand who we serve.

Experts in industry

Operating on a global scope, we serve our customers with a local touch. Our sales representatives are experts in the industries they serve and the manufacturing processes they assist on. Backed up by a seasoned team of R & D chemists, they offer practical and progressive solutions that yield bottom line value.

Distribution Division

Full-line industrial and specialty chemical supplier representing major domestic & international producers of organic and inorganic chemicals. Services include LTL delivery, analysis of chemical processes, chemicals supply, bulk chemical delivery, custom blending, on-site chemical management and environmental and DOT training. In addition to basic commodities, product lines include specialty solvent cleaning chemicals, high purity chemicals and stabilized hydrogen peroxide.

Surface Treatment Chemicals

Proprietary chemical blends formulated primarily for the surface treatment of metals, including cleaners, polishers, deoxidizers, burnishing compounds, rust removers, rust preventative and corrosion inhibitors, black oxide conversion coatings and metal coloring (decorative and functional) specialties. Comprehensive line of wastewater treatment chemicals including flocculants, coagulants, precipitants and other chemistries

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