Phosphates vs. Zirconium
Which is Better for Your Pre-Treatment Process?

Whether your pre-treatment process calls for a zinc phosphate, manganese phosphate, iron phosphate or  zirconium conversion coating we have expertise in both.  Let us help you improve your environmental impact, paint adhesion, bonding and salt spray results while reducing your chemical consumption and cost.

Zinc & Manganese Phosphates

TCJ Zinc Phosphates


Our line of “heavy” zinc phosphates designed to provide the ultimate performance in corrosion protection for Phos & Oil and Dip Spin Applications.

  • Low Temperature Operation: As low as 140°f
  • Nickel Free
  • Ultra Low Sludging: Up to 75% less than traditional heavy zinc phosphates
  • Versatile: Coating Weight Ranges from 500 mg/ft2 to > 2000 mg/ft2
  • Performance: Meets automotive & military specifications

Micron MC Phosphates


A family of microcrystalline zinc phosphates designed for cold forming, extruding, tube drawing and wire processing applications.

  • Durable: withstands the most severe deformation and drawing jobs
  • Grain Structure: provides a dense, uniform, tight micro crystalline grain that is an ideal carrier for subsequent coatings of soap lube or poly lube polymer coatings
  • Available with Nickel or Nickel Free formulations

Micron MP Phosphates


A microcrystalline family of zinc phosphates used to improve adhesion and salt spray performance of paints and coatings. Industries that use this product: automotive, military, appliance, furniture & general industry.

  • Lower Temperature Operation
  • Reduced Sludging and Waste
  • Multi-metal capabilities: Ferrous, Zinc Galvanize, Aluminum
  • Uniform tight grain crystals: 2-10 micron
  • Immersion & spray Applications
  • Maximum adhesion & corrosion resistance

Lube Coat MG


Manganese phosphate products used for wear resistance and break-in applications. Provides a dense durable crystal structure to absorb subsequent lubricating oils to prevent galling and seizing. Meets automotive and military specifications.

  • MIL-DTL-16232 Type M
  • Available in a wide range of coating weights and thicknesses
  • Optional use of Toner MG to refine the crystal morphology
  • High resistance to iron associated problems
  • Reduces friction and wear.
  • Available with Nickel, or Nickel Free

Iron Phosphates

Iron Phosphates
An extensive line of iron phosphate products for pre-paint treatments, applied by spray or soak, single stage up to 7-stage for both ferrous and nonferrous substrates. Providing excellent paint adhesion and superior bonding & salt spray results. We can tailor a product to match your individual process and achieve your performance and quality goals.

Bond Guard

3, 5 & 7 Stage
processes for all types of metals

  • Internally Accelerated
  • Multi Metal Capabilities: Aluminum, Zinc, Galvanize & Ferrous Metals
  • Low Temperature Options Available
  • Proven to provide over 1000 hours salt spray resistance

Clean & Bond

Single step cleaning & phosphating

  • High performance detergent package for optimum cleaning
  • Excellent adhesion and corrosion control
  • Steam wand & immersion processes
  • Multi metal capabilities: Aluminum, Zinc, Galvanize & Ferrous Metals


Final seal rinses for any type of pretreatment process


  • Highest level of adhesion & extended salt spray performance
  • Non chrome
  • Dry in place, passivating & zirconium options

Bond Guard ZRC

Bond Guard ZRC is a family of zirconium conversion coating processes to provide advanced bonding and anti-corrosion treatment for all metals. Formulated to replace conventional Iron or Zinc phosphate products in pretreatment applications with outstanding performance.

  • Environmental Advantages, Phosphate Free
  • Improved Salt Spray Performance (> 1000 hours)
  • Reduced Total Processing Cost (Up to 50% v. Iron Phosphate)
  • Ambient Temperature Operation Capabilities.
  • Reduced Energy Expense Significantly Reduced Scaling and Sludging
  • Reduced Waste (Never Dump, No chemical by product sludge)
  • Multi Metal Use (Steel, Aluminum, Zinc Galvanize)

Eco-Quest Phosphate Free

Eco Quest is a revolutionary advanced bonding and anti-corrosion treatment for all metals. Formulated to replace conventional Iron or Zinc phosphate products in pretreatment applications. This unique process provides a dry in place polymeric coating that crosslinks with subsequent topcoats to provide improved adhesion and corrosion protection.

  • Non-hazardous, metal free, moderate pH
  • Multi metal capabilities (Steel, Aluminum, Zinc Galvanize)
  • Non Sludging, reduced waste & maintenance
  • Ambient temperature
  • 1-Step clean & coat available

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