Infinity Surface Cleaning Intelligence
Solve. Prevent. Control.

“My process never changes.”  –  Said no one EVER.

“My cleaning is PERFECT.”  –  Right….

“I know EXACTLY how clean my parts need to be.”  –  Prove it.

It’s time to take the risk out of cleaning. We can help prove it, optimize it and make it predictable.

Learn how by talking with the Infinity Cleaning team at Hubbard- Hall & Brighton Science.

Infinity Brighton Specification Package – Before you invest in your new critical cleaning line:

  • Establish your specifications with Brighton Science surface intelligence technologies
  • Solve, Prevent and Control critical surface cleaning challenges
  • Get access to the insight and intel of PhD level surface scientists
  • Learn how Value Engineering can improve and optimize your cleaning processes

Infinity Optimizer Package – Optimize your existing cleaning process:

  • 4 hour on site consultation with Hubbard-Hall technical rep and Brighton Science surface analytics
  • Learn how to value engineer your cleaning process
  • Establish process specifications

About the Infinity Cleaning Program

Brighton Science, is a cutting-edge materials science based company that delivers effective adhesion quality control for manufacturers who are concerned with adhesive bonding, painting, coating, printing, and cleaning.  Hubbard-Hall, the industry leader in unbiased cleaning recommendations, have teamed up to help make critical cleaning processes more predictable, data driven and optimized.

The benefit – less risk & better results.

Want a Copy of the SUR/FIN Presentation?