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We are experts in metal finishing with 170 years of experience. Let our wastewater experts review these chemistries and see if they are a right fit  for you. If not, don’t worry we will find one!

Have you heard of the 3 ingredient rule? It doesn’t just apply to food. Check out these magic 3 ingredients to help alleviate your common wastewater issues.

Aquapure P 601


Aquapure P 601 is a wastewater treatment chemical designed for use as a heavy metal precipitant for waste treatment systems. It is effective for a variety of metals and works over a wide pH range.

Aquapure I-300


Aquapure I-300 is ferrous based liquid blended cationic coagulant /metal precipitant. It is superior in settling suspended solids and contains conditioning agents which help tie up oil and grease.

Aquapure AN Clear


Aquapure AN Clear is a liquid, anionic flocculent used in settling suspended precipitates in wastewater treatment. Aquapure AN Clear will cluster the precipitate into a manageable mass.

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Hex Chrome Reduction & Metal Treatment with Aquapure Case Study

Delivering a Dose of Good Service to Get a FLocculant Problem Cleared Up.


Need help breaking chelation of metals?

Need help breaking chelation of metals?

AP P601 and HQ are the perfect pair to help alleviate those heavy metal issues. Find your perfect pair.

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