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Developing a Safer Paint Stripper for Eyelet Manufacturing: A Case Study


When the Contract Finishing Manager from a 100 plus year old eyelet manufacturing company ran into production delays and problems with his paint stripping process he contacted Hubbard-Hall to see if there was a solution. In a candid conversation with Hubbard-Hall, he spoke out about developing a new product to meet his needs.

Problem Definition



Q. Did you have a specific problem you needed solved?

A. We were buying a stripping product from another company, but there were several issues regarding, service, value and performance. Not to mention the strong odor and no one really wanted to use it. We worked with Hubbard-Hall to develop a product that worked better, lasted longer and was less costly than what we were using.

Q. How has working with Hubbard-Hall and their products improved your process?

A. With the other product we had some issues with wastewater treatment. The benzyl alcohol levels exceeded the amount allowed by the local water authority and the previous supplier didn’t respond quickly enough. Hubbard-Hall worked with us when developing Aquastrip to keep the discharge levels down. We were also very pleased that It did not have the odor problem.

Q. How would you describe the level of service you received from Hubbard-Hall?

A. Hubbard-Hall really hung in there when we went through some hard times. Larry Ensley and Scott Papst (from Hubbard- Hall) would jump through hoops for us and they are very easy to work with. I would recommend Hubbard-Hall to any colleague. They get into all the details and brought in the experts whenever we needed them. When problems occur in production, it needs to be resolved quickly, so working with a company that can provide usable solutions is important.


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Q. What would you say were the results of working on this project?

A. Being able to work closely with a supplier like Hubbard-Hall has allowed us to remain competitive. We have been able to realize an increase in productivity of 50% in the stripping and rework department. Several of our competitors have been forced to move production overseas looking for lower total costs. However we were able to economically rework and strip our parts in-house and can be much more responsive to our customers. Also the commitment, dedication and flexibility of Hubbard-Hall and their technical people allowed us to weather some pretty tough economic times. I think working with partners like Hubbard-Hall will help us continue to grow and be successful.

Aquastrip ACB was developed specifically for this account’s process and is a mildly acidic liquid that is extremely effective in removing tenacious polymeric coatings. Aquastrip ACB contains no hazardous solvents, has no flash point and is biodegradable. It has become a versatile stripper and is now being used to strip various powder and organic coatings on most metals. It is even proving to be extremely effective in stripping costly masking materials allowing them to be reused for up to 3 years.