Get The Right Cleaning Solvent Alternative

Are you looking to replace traditional solvents like N-Propyl Bromide (NPB), Trichloroethylene (TCE), and perchloroethylene (PCE/ PERC) for metal parts cleaning and degreasing?

Hubbard-Hall has been tackling solvent issues head-on for nearly 70 years. We offer both aqueous and solvent chemistries. So, whether you want a lower-impact solvent or need get out of solvents altogether, we have the right cleaner for you. We even offer an on-site cleaning audit to help you find the right solvent alternative.

Learn More About Industrial Solvent Replacement

Overview on Regulatory Status of Halogenated Solvents


Learn about NPB and TCE regulations, replacement, and sustainable use.

nPB Replacement:
The Holistic Approach


Hubbard-Hall experts talk about when to use solvents or replace with an aqueous cleaner.

Proper Training Leads to More Reliable Process


See how HH experts helped a metal finisher with their vacuum degreasing system.

Which is the Right Choice for You?

Next-Gen Solvents


Dowclene™: reclaimable modified alcohols
Dualene™: pre-stabilized modified alcohols
Opteon™: precision cleaning fluids

Aqueous Cleaners


70+ water-based chemistries for any soil, substrate or cleaning process.

"The limited supply and long lead times of some fluorocarbons, require a second look at alternatives like Tergo."

CD Aero Demonstration Webinar

This webinar hosted by TURI (Toxic Use Reduction Institute) showcases how CD Aero was able to find annual cost savings and productivity improvements when switching from solvent to aqueous cleaning with the help of our experts.

Do you have questions about solvent replacement? Not sure whether a next gen solvent or aqueous cleaning is right for you?

Delivering Far More Than Just Chemicals

Delivering Far More Than Just Chemicals

Not only did the team from Hubbard-Hall help the company find an environmentally safer solvent alternative to their previous chemicals, but their new cleaner would result in substantial reductions in annual chemical expenditures.

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