Our experts will teach you step-by-step analytical procedures

Over 30 years spent in the lab analyzing metal finishing processes and chemicals, our experts are ready to share their expertise and knowledge with you.

Our technical experts can help you:

-Establish and maintain consistent quality by analyzing your process lines for potential issues before they occur.
-Identify variances in quality or troubleshoot production problems to reduce downtime and rejects.

This service is not only for our current and potential customers, but also as a 3rd party service when you don’t have the resources in-house.

Types of Analysis we offer

Cleaner analysisSalt spray / corrosion analysisZinc plating analysis
Heat treat salt analysisAnodize analysisTin plating analysis
Solvent analysisChromic acid analysisCyanide plating analysis
Wastewater analysisNickel plating analysisPassivate analysis
Black oxide analysisCopper plating analysisElectropolish analysis

Put our experts to work.