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The WWT Doctor (And Our New Blog) Is In

Introducing our brand new blog and comprehensive WWT House Call infographic.

We’ve got two great announcements for you, starting with the inauguration of our new blog! This informative blog is dedicated to bringing you not only the latest news from Hubbard-Hall, but also a wealth of useful industrial information and process tips and tricks from our technical team to help save you time and improve your process.

We have lots of excellent content in the pipeline, including posts on the importance of rinsing in metal finishing and the hot topic of non-phosphate conversion coatings. Be sure to follow and check back with our blog for access to this expert technical information that will help solve your toughest surface finishing and wastewater problems and stand out from your competitors.

Secondly, we’re proud to announce our new AquaPure on-site House Call infographic.This handy visual guide illustrates our in-depth 7 step House Call process for easy reference. Wastewater treatment (WWT) systems require diligent attention to keep them in peak health, and Hubbard-Hall is happy to play the part of the on-call physician. In just this past year alone, 515 on-site wastewater house calls helped reduce production shut downs, slowdowns, and bottlenecks for AquaPure users. Our team of AquaPure professionals are ready to travel on-site to provide you with a system evaluation, optimization, and operator training. To see the infographic illustrating our process, click here.