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VOC Regulations Hit Home

Have you noticed a change in some household products like hairspray? Some states have recently imposed a new regulation that limits the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) in hairspray to 55%, down from 80%. So (VOC) reduction has literally hit home, especially to those generation X’rs hanging on those big hairstyles.

In response to the lower VOC solvent regulations, often referred to as California solvents or simply water-based solvents, Hubbard-Hall is prepared and ready to meet your needs and the new standards. Our research lab is continually developing compliant solvents to fit our customers’ applications and improve their processes. For example: In various states, including Connecticut, many customer applications require that solvents do not exceed 25 grams VOCs per liter or must have a vapor pressure equal to or less than 8 mm Mercury at 20C. Working with these customers, Hubbard-Hall has provided these customers with the right chemistry.

The VOC laws are passed on the state or county level, and the many exemptions can make it difficult to follow. If you are concerned about meeting VOC solvent compliant regulations, please contact us today and we can discuss the development of a solvent suitable for your application.