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Under The Lab Coat

Larry Ensley, Technical Service Manager


Meet Larry Ensley, a Technical Service Manager at our South Carolina plant with 26 years’ experience in the Metal Finishing Industry.


With his specialty process chemicals experience in metal finishing, military, powder coating and general manufacturing industries, Larry is able to easily adapt his knowledge to each industry.


Larry has been responsible for assisting both in-process and custom powder coaters to find affordable and realistic solutions for all stages of the process, from pretreatment to corrosion protection as well as paint stripping. He is also the product manager for Hubbard-Hall’s Metal Guard rust preventative product line as well as Aquastrip which is a metal & paint stripper product line.

The Color Orange:

Larry conveniently loves the color orange, why you might ask? Well, when his favorite college football team, Tennessee, started to not play so well he was easily able to change his support to Clemson without changing his colors.

Meet Larry in person:

You can meet Larry at this year’s Powder Coating Summit where he will be presenting “How to make money with your stripper”, need we say more.