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Under the Lab Coat with Steve Manderino

Learn about our Senior Staff Scientist, Steve Manderino, in this month’s edition of “Under the Lab Coat” where we get to know another one of our lab technicians here at Hubbard-Hall.

Educational & Work Background:


Steve also teaches chemistry and math to corporate students.

Steve earned his B.S Chemistry MBA from the University of New Haven. His employment includes ten years with The Upjohn Company and Dow Chemical as well as twenty years with Akzo Nobel. Steve also worked ten years as Applications Lab Manager where he covered cellulosics, paints, paint removers, cleaners, cosmetics, and various surfactant applications.

What is one of your interests?

“I enjoy playing the stock market searching out growth companies as well as speculating on breakthrough biotech companies.”

Current title:

Steve’s title has been Sr. Staff Scientist for over 4 years.

Job Duties:

Steve works with the R&D of cleaning products. One of his main duties is to develop and create new cleaners that are technically BettERSafERFastER than the current marketplace cleaners.

What is a fact about yourself?

“I am an adjunct instructor at Corporate College for Prudential Financial where I teach Chemistry and Math to corporate students in pursuit of their B.S. in Business degree.”

What do you like about your job?

“I enjoy the satisfaction of formulating products to aid our growth strategy. Creating new or innovating older products and exploring possible new application areas make my work exciting and fun.”

What is a recent challenging problem that you helped solve for a customer and how did you solve it?

“Recently a customer requested to have a product to replace a current product they are using to clean aluminum parts as efficiently but at a substantial lower cost.” This resulted in the birth of a new product, Aquaease AC AL 101. Aquaease AC AL 101 is an acidic soak, ultrasonic spray cleaner that may be used for removal of a variety of soils and oxides from aluminum, stainless steel, Monel, and other high nickel alloys. It contains a high percentage of DFE acceptable surfactants designed to remove forming lubricants, machining oils, and scale from these substrates. It will not etch Aluminum parts. Steve took part in lab testing that discovered that the product has met the anticipated endpoint with a potential savings of about 20% to the customer. Steve explained that there is an upcoming field trial and it is expected that this new product will have a great application appeal with numerous future customers.