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Under The Lab Coat with Robin Tiede

You can contact Robin Tiede, Aquapure Product Manager, at rtiede&

Robin has been with Hubbard-Hall for 17 years and works out of our Waterbury, CT lab.

Get to know Robin Tiede through our 6 rapid-fire questions:

  1. What is your Educational & Work Background? I went to San Diego State University  where I obtained a B.S. in Micropaleontology. I started out at Mitchell Bradford in 1975 as a Technical Sales Engineer. I was trained in metal coloring, antiquing and cleaning of metals. I transferred to Hubbard-Hall in 1991 with the acquisition of Mitchell Bradford.
  2. What are your main interests & hobbies? I love vintage bead necklaces and really enjoy gardening.
  3. What is your current title: Senior AquaPure Product Manager
  4. What do your job duties involve? They involve formulation of the Aquapure products, finding new technologies and new applications, writing literature for AquaPure products and solving customer’s wastewater issues.
  5. What is a fact that most people don’t know about you? Most people don’t know that I lived in Japan for 7 years. My son presently lives in Hong Kong, my daughter lives in New York and my sister- in-law lives in Nepal. We are a very international family.
  6. What do you like most about your job? The people and the challenges of the job. As product manager I work closely with the technical service staff, Bob MacDonald, David Joyce and Robin Deal, to solve customers waste treatment problems.
  7. What is a recent challenging problem that you helped solve for a customer and how did you solve it? Yesterday, a customer who handles 55 service plants called me with a problem she was having. She was concerned that they had no clear standard operating procedure for when a problem occurred in their waste water treatment system and was wondering if we had any recommendations. I went over a previous talk that I had given about the importance of recording accurate data for problem solving and gave her some examples of how to record this data and analyze it.