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Under the Lab Coat with Robin Deal

Every month we shine a spotlight on one of our technical team members. This month we spoke with Robin Deal, our Wastewater Field Service Technician in North Carolina.

Educational & Work Background:
Robin Deal , Hubbard-Hall AquaPure Wastewater Service Technician.

Foam and heavy metals in wastewater are two of the most common issues that Robin solves for customers.

Robin’s speciality is in wastewater, she holds a Physical/Chemical Waste Water Operator’s license for North Carolina. She will be attending college in the fall in order to obtain an Associate of Science degree. Robin is the Vice-Chair

for the Western Division and is an active member of the NC Chapter of the American Water Works Association.

Interests & Hobbies:

Robin enjoys spending time with her three children, especially going fishing with them. Robin also enjoys cooking and reading.

What do you do at Hubbard-Hall?

“I visit customers who have wastewater needs and carry out what we call a house call. During a house call, I evaluate the health of the wastewater system and help determine the best chemistry to meet those needs. It is very important that I keep up to date with trends in the wastewater industry to help our customers understand new rules and regulations that are going to be seen in the future.”

What is the most common WWT problem you come across?

“The two most common wastewater problems that customers have are foam and heavy metals. Both of these can be tricky to treat if the customer is not used to handling them.”

A fact that most people don’t know about you?

I am a bit of a nerd  and love “B” movies. My family have “B” movie night where we find the worst movies ever to watch and pig out on our favorite foods and desserts.”

What do you like most about your job?

“I love solving the problems that are present in wastewater. Each system is unique and presents its own challenges. Currently I am working on removing fluorescence from one customer’s waste stream.”

What is a recent wastewater challenge that you helped solve for a customer?

“We had a customer who had a chrome spill. Nothing they did could get the chrome down to their discharge limits. They had stopped production in the facility because they ran out of space for the water from the processes. When I arrived on site to do the House Call  I did jar testing to determine the best chemistry to solve their problem. I then worked with our customer service team in Inman, South Carolina, and was able to get the chemistry to the customer that afternoon. They were able to discharge water two hours after getting the AquaPure products they needed and production started back two hours after that.”