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Under the lab coat with Doug Patton

Every month we shine a spotlight on one of our technical team members. This month we spoke with Doug Patton, Senior Staff Scientist, based out of our Inman, South Carolina location. Get to know Doug better by reading about him and his job here at Hubbard-Hall.

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Doug has been a member of the Hubbard-Hall technical team for 15 years.

Educational & Work Background:

Doug received a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Chemistry at Auburn University. In 1993, Doug continued his education at the University of Florida, where is received a Ph.D. in Chemistry.

Prior to working for Hubbard-Hall, Doug did research and development for a terpene chemical manufacturer.

Interests & Hobbies:

Doug likes to go camping and fishing.

Current title:

Senior Staff Scientist

Main job duties:

Doug mainly works on new product development, product de-formulation and also product enhancement projects.

Another aspect to Doug’s job is processing tech service jobs. Customers send parts in and Doug carries out tests to determine what product and process will meet and exceed th expectations of the customer. Some of the different tests that Doug carries out include:

  • Paint adhesion – ASTM D-1654
  • Humidity – ASTM D-2247
  • Water fog test – ASTM 1735
  • Salt spray testing – ASTM B-117

A fact that most people don’t know about Doug:

Doug is a Scout leader for the Boy Scouts and has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.

What Doug enjoys most about his job:

Doug said, “I love the variety, I am never doing the same thing every day.” Doug also mentioned that he enjoys the problem-solving aspect of his job.

A recent problem that Doug helped solve for a customer:

When a customer who is a gun and ammunition manufacturer was having issue with their corrosion, Doug was given the challenge to find out why. After some lab testing with their parts and their product, Doug discovered that their rust inhibitor was splitting out after a certain amount of time. Doug decided that the best solution for this customer was to reformulate the product to inhibit this from happening. He is currently waiting for the salt spray results but he said it is looking good so far.