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Training Without the Tedium… With Your Hosts Jack & Robi

To hear Jack Paul and Robi Stack tell it, training need never be boring. Jack, formerly Hubbard-Hall’s Director of Training and now a consultant, and Robi, Manager of Training, were both at the company when its training division was formed in 2004 – quite organically, as it turns out.

Says Jack, “Selling chemicals, we were dealing with regulation and safety issues every day. Our customers would need the same training, so why not offer it to them?”

Beginning with DOT, OSHA and waste-management classes, training today at Hubbard-Hall is online, on-site and on your schedule. And those are not the only things different about it.

Our Training Classes Are More Compact and Cost-Competitive

“Our training classes are more compact and cost-competitive,” says Robi, “taking, for example, four hours instead of two days.”

The reason for the difference?

“Ours is a more personal program, as opposed to those who send you to a hotel room and instructors who read directly from the regulation,” says Robi. “Talk about making your eyes roll to the back of your head…”

To which Jack adds, “No one ever falls asleep in my classes.”

Hubbard-Hall’s training program attracts a broad spectrum of attendees, from chemical companies and state troopers to medical groups and oil riggers. The training programme is so flexible that you can choose from:

  • On site
  • At your facility
  • Online

In June, the facility classes include DOT/RCRA and HAZWOPER training. To register, contact Robi at For more information about our full training options click on the link below.

H-Help – Full Training Options