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Top 3 Presentations In 2015

Hubbard-Hall’s sales and technical team travel to multiple tradeshows and conferences every year. The long tradeshow hours on your feet can be grueling enough, but why would ourLarry PCS 2015 3 technical experts also tackle the dreaded fear of public speaking? It’s simple, we want to share our industry knowledge with as many people as possible!

Our customers range from Fortune 100 OEMs to boutique metal finishers. This puts our technical team in a perfect position to learn from all of the new technology and process improvements across multiple industries every year. By applying this up to date industry knowledge and their chemical expertise, they are able to help customers cut costs, speed up production and ultimately produce a higher quality product for their own customer base.

To keep in the spirit of sharing this wealth of knowledge, we have gathered three of our most popular 2015 technical presentations for you to download:

  1. The ABC’s of Phosphate Free – Many companies are changing from traditional Iron Phosphates to this phosphate free option. This presentation reviews the tangible benefits you receive from switching and the barriers that might prevent you from switching to a Zirconium Conversion Coating.
  2. Cleaning the “Hard-to-Clean” – This presentation discusses a non-negotiable check list that will help solve your unique cleaning challenges involving Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Nickel Clad Extrusions & Deep Drawn Parts.
  3. Phosphorus….Stringent Limits Ahead – EPA restrictions on phosphates in wastewater treatment are becoming a lot more stringent. Learn what the current restrictions are, what changes you can expect to see and how you can prepare for them.

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