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Think Green This Spring (May 2011)

Think green and clean this spring. Choosing a safer and earth friendly alternative doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice efficiency. Hubbard-Hall introduces a new product to the Emerald line of green, heavy duty maintenance cleaners: Emerald Super Soak Plus. Protecting the environment and your workers; Emerald Super Soak Plus contains DfE compliant surfactants. DfE is the Design for the Environment program in partnership with the EPA. Products that receive this designation meet stringent criteria for human and environmental health.

This aqueous, mildly alkaline cleaner offers a high degree of solvency and soil removal. Forming and machining lubricants are easily removed when used as an immersion cleaner, with only moderate to low foaming. Emerald Super Soak Plus will also effectively remove most buffing residues and particulate oils when used with ultrasonic equipment, due to a high glycol either content.

You’ll also save “green” with energy savings as Emerald Super Soak Plus mixes easily with cold water and is free rinsing. The product is suitable for use on steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze and zinc substrates and may also be used as a general maintenance cleaner for other hard surfaces.