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Technical Presentations Roundup 2016

All of our technical expertise in one place.

Our sales and technical teams travel to multiple tradeshows and conferences every year, bringing our industry expertise and know-how to as wide an audience as possible. With customers ranging from Fortune 100 OEMs to boutique metal finishers, our team is in the perfect position to learn and absorb all the latest process improvements, industry knowledge and chemical expertise across multiple industries. This allows us to apply all of this expertise to helping customers cut costs, speed up production and ultimately produce a higher-quality product for their own customer base.

We have gathered the top selection of our 2016 presentations below, simply click on the links to view the full presentation:

  • “Latest Stripping Evolution”The Powder Coating Institute (PCI) hosted this year’s Technical Conference from April 11-14 at the Georgia International Convention Center in College Park, Georgia. Larry Ensley provides an examination of the evolution and value of paint stripping, how it works and successful examples of the benefits from real-life customers.
  • “Improve Your Non-Ferrous Metal Surface Preparation” – This year marked the 25th year Hubbard-Hall has attended the highly anticipated National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF) SUR/FIN In celebration, we launched our new family of organic acid cleaners at the show which was held from June 6-8th in the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas. Senior Technical Service Engineer Mike Valenti’s presentation walks you through the challenges of finishing non-ferrous metals, new novel chemical approaches like organic acid cleaners, and real-world examples of process improvements.
  • “Wastewater Treatment 101” – The Fall International Technical Conference hosted by the Photo Chemical Machining Institute (PCMI) is an international association representing a cross-section of the photo chemical machining and electroforming industry’s technology and the people who use it. Technical Service Representative David Joyce’s presentation for the conference provides an introduction to the fundamentals of the wastewater treatment process, including the types of industrial wastewater and the chemistry and equipment used to treat them.
  • “Fundamentals of Electroplating” – Certified Electrofinisher Steve Rudy was also on-hand to provide his 33 years of expertise to attendees of the Fall International Technical Conference as well. In his talk, he provides a detailed look at the basics of electroplating, including how it works and why it’s important.
  • “Robust Non-Etch Cleaning of Aluminum” – The New England Surface Finishing Regional in Hyannis, MA saw a big turn-out this year, with over 130 metal finishers in attendance on November 4th. There was much to see and do during the event, including 20 supplier tabletops, 10 technical and regulatory presentations, and more. In his presentation, Senior Vice President and Technical Director Bob Farrell walks you through three different varieties of non-etch aluminum cleaner – silicate, borax, and methanesulfonic acid – as well as the particular advantages of methanesulfonic acid and other organic acid cleaners.
  • “Maximize The Profit In Your Process” FABTECH is a celebration of the manufacturing industry, with a dazzling array of opportunities for attendees to experience and observe the latest innovations in surface finishing, metal forming and fabricating. This year’s presentation by Senior Technical Advisor Larry Ensley provides an in-depth look at the different methods of hook and rack stripping available to manufacturers, as well as the unique benefits provided by the recent innovation of in-line hook and rack stripping.

Check out our events page to find out where our technical team will be presenting in 2017.