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Sustainable Solvents the Focus at Recent Clean Show

Paul Simons (left) demonstrates SAFECARE system to Curt Spalding

In conjunction with the recent announcement of SAFECHEM North America joining forces with Hubbard-Hall for distribution in the Northeast, both companies and PERO Corp. recently sponsored a Clean Show: A Step Beyond Clean. The show was held on October 20th at the PERO Headquarters in Windsor Connecticut and drew several local manufacturers. Guests had the opportunity to participate in hands-on parts cleaning, detailed information on the SAFECARE™ system and PERO equipment and a presentation from featured guest and presenter, Curt Spalding Regional Administrator for the U.S. EPA, Region 1.

If you are interested in learning more about SAFECHEM, PERO or sustainable solvents for your business, please contact Hubbard-Hall today.The SAFECARE™ system is a unique closed-loop system for a variety of solvents, greatly reducing the risk of worker exposure as well as virtually eliminating the threat of spills or emissions into the environment. With solvent regulations getting tighter and tighter, this system offers a way to use traditional solvents in a safer and more sustainable manner, especially in cases where a new type of solvent is not a feasible option.

Many of the guests were impressed with the overall closed loop system, including Spalding who commended SAFECHEM, PERO and Hubbard-Hall for being innovative in sustainable technology: “cleaning metal parts can be done much more safely with an entirely closed system. Much less solvent is used in closed system…super low emissions.”