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SUR/FIN Success

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64% of our booth traffic was wastewater related. David Joyce was there to give his technical advice on the show floor.

Over 180 exhibitors from 11 nations and 27 U.S. states, as well as 1,300 attendees from around the world attended this year’s SUR/FIN show, making it one of the most global and successful SUR/FIN shows ever. Industrial surface finishers get the opportunity to educate themselves on advances in their industry and to link with highly qualified suppliers under one roof at SUR/FIN.

Hubbard-Hall was one of the 180 exhibitors that attended the show in Chicago. For the first time ever, we had an AquaPure technical service expert, David Joyce, at the booth answering wastewater questions. David said, “The SUR/FIN show was a great experience for me, I met many people and answered so many wastewater questions that I felt like an ER doctor.”

Why a wastewater focus?

Removing metals from a waste stream is a continuous process for surface finishers, having difficult metals can make this a very complex task. Chelating agents used in cleaning formulations complex the metals in wastewater and make them difficult to remove. David said, “Our focus on AquaPure I-300 was a good choice because many of the questions concerned Cu, Ni and Zn removal. Some had concerns with chelates in the waste stream others with improving their Cr and Cn destruct lines.”

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