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Summertime and The Interning Is Easy: “I’ve never worked with a better group of people.”

A look at our summer 2016 interns and their time at Hubbard-Hall.

We were privileged to have several excellent interns join our team this past summer, including Adam LaChance and Andrew Wylie. Adam joined us in our Waterbury lab, while Andrew worked in our Inman location.

Adam’s main job was filling in for Sue Labeck, testing samples of the batches made by manufacturing to ensure that every chemical we sent out was up to specification. When not doing that, he did an admirable job of helping throughout the lab: doing some work in chemical process; making up stock solutions for the lab; organizing the shelves of the stockrooms; a little bit of R&D work; and some heavy lifting here and there.

Andrew, for his part, primarily worked in quality control for the batches made at our Inman facility. He also assisted with a few product tests and worked to streamline some QC procedures that were long overdue for adjustments.

Both Adam and Andrew were readily vocal about how much they enjoyed their time at Hubbard-Hall. “My time at Hubbard Hall has been invaluable,” said Adam, who confirmed he couldn’t wait to return in December. “I’ve learned so much about the chemical industry—and myself—that I had never known before, and it helped me gain an entirely new skill set while also keeping my current skills sharp.”

Andrew likewise looked forward to his eventual return, and the new opportunities it will being. “I’ve never worked with a better group of people and I’m looking forward to finally getting into the new lab when I come back.”