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Summer Hires Bring A Fresh Perspective

If you visited our Connecticut and South Carolina facilities this past summer, you probably noticed a few new faces. In May, Hubbard-Hall kicked off a summer intern/help program, where we provided jobs to students and recent grads from colleges across the United States and majors that included Chemical Engineering and IT. In addition to gaining experience in a science or business field, the team also provided Hubbard-Hall with a fresh, younger look at our business. Meeting once a week, the group reported observations and feedback on operations, internal communication and information technology – all vital aspects of any business.

The emphasis was home grown in that we gave an edge to children and relatives of our Associates, so you may recognize some familiar names in our roster, which included: A. J. Benning, Ryan Catania, Liza Mazzamaro, Andrew Skipp, Jr., Emily Skipp, and Aaric Tataglia. Our Inman representative was Ashley Ballard, a teacher to the local Inman area. Two weeks after bringing in Michael Labeck, who was pursuing and electrical apprenticeship into Waterbury operations, he was actually hired on as a full time Associate.

Everyone at Hubbard-Hall appreciates the group’s hard work, willingness to help wherever needed and for taking a pro-active approach. As a thank you, the CFO/Chairman Charles Kellogg, treated all of the interns and their managers to a lunch at the Country Club of Waterbury