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Strong Enough to Clean Metal; Safe Enough To Clean Dishes

The newly expanded Emerald line of cleaners offers much more than your basic maintenance and floor cleaning. Following the successes of Emerald and Emerald HD2 among our customers in varied industries, we recognized the need to take the green and eco-friendly approach to develop energy efficient, in-process chemistry for metal finishing applications. In addition to Emerald HD2 and Emerald ICP, several new Emerald products are now available as safer alternatives to your current chemistry: Emerald ICP SD, Emerald Super Soak and Emerald Acid Clean.

A super-duty, highly concentrated soap based cleaner, Emerald ICP SD is an excellent choice for removing particulate soils in soak, spray and ultrasonic parts cleaning applications for all substrates. The product can be used in no rinse cleaning applications, and will leave an invisible protective film providing in-process corrosion protection. Emerald ICP SD contains detergents and co solvents that pass DfE (Design for the Environment Program designated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) screening.

For soaking and ultrasonic parts cleaning, Emerald Super Soak provides an alternative for most substrates. This heavy duty mild pH cleaner is designed to be used where high detergency and high through put are required. It will impart a slight etch on aluminum, but is free rinsing and will not leave residual film on parts. Emerald Super Soak contains raw materials that pass DfE screening.

The highly concentrated, organic acid based cleaner/burnishing compound Emerald Acid Clean removes light rust, scale and oxidation from steel, stainless steel and copper based substrates. It can also be used as a burnishing compound for stainless steel, brass and other copper based alloys. This high detergency product contains materials that pass DfE screening, but does not contain mineral acids or halogens. Emerald Acid Clean is non-fuming offering a safer environment when being used.

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