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Staying Ahead of Solvent Regulations

The ever-changing regulations regarding solvent cleaning have increased burdens on industries, especially those already struggling from a weakened economy. This past July, the Massachusetts Science Advisory Board voted to recommend n-propyl bromide for the Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) chemicals reporting list beginning in 2010. Similar legislation has been passed in California and other states are expected to follow suit.

On August 26th, Hubbard-Hall sponsored a solvent symposium bringing together industry experts, equipment specialists and government regulators to discuss the issues and alternatives. Attendees were provided regulatory updates from TURI and Massachusetts Chemistry and Technology Alliance as well as safe solvent updates from 3M Corp, and the latest in equipment technology from Branson Ultrasonics and Pero USA.

Although the heart of the discussion was the environmental impact of various solvents, the message was the importance of matching the right solvents for specific applications, without compromising safety, process costs and required cleanliness. As a supplier of aqueous cleaners as well as precision cleaning solvents, Hubbard-Hall brings over 100 years of practical expertise to manufacturers weighing the various alternatives.

In addition to the symposium, relevant and valuable content is also available via the Hubbard-Hall website, providing detailed information for specific applications and solvent recommendations. Downloadable information on the physical properties of common solvents as well as regulatory and environmental impact comparisons of each can be found here.

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