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Snowmageddon 2015

Record Breaking Winter

Snow Snapshot

It wasn’t all doom & gloom.

Snow stats

Boston Snow Stats.

With the snow starting to melt, we are taking a look back at the record breaking winter that we had at our Wilmington, Massachusetts office. Being New-Englanders we are tough but this winter certainly pushed us to our limits, we did also have some fun along the way.

The next big challenge that we face is the never ending potholes.

We asked Seacole, one of our distributors in Minnesota, to give us an example of how our partnership and products end up filling in those nasty potholes.

Customer: Global manufacturer of asphalt/cement highway repair equipment.

Customer’s Challenge: The customer’s automatic conveyor paint line was in general disarray and their chemical usage was very high in proportion to production. Quality was also poor due to lack of guidance from existing supplier and chemical performance.

Seacole & Hubbard-Hall Solution: After thorough testing and a 2 part blind study was performed, our cleaner lines, Aquaease and Emerald, showed a vast improvement over what they were currently using. Their quality was greatly improved and reduced costs significantly. The customer has been working with Seacole for over two years now and they have had consistent results.

Seacole is a diversified chemical manufacturing and distribution company offering essential products and services to a wide
variety of markets worldwide. They deliver exceptional value to their customers by offering a unique mix of technical expertise, attentive customer service and trouble-free logistics.