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Save to Reuse and Reuse to Save

Extend the Life of Your Masking Materials

Powder coaters and paint shops can spend up to $50,000 every year on masking materials and cap plugs. If your shop uses these materials, do you throw away all the used ones? If so, you are probably throwing your profits away too.

While the cost of cap plugs and custom masking materials can add up, the expense is minimal compared with the labor costs and productivity losses involved with re-taping each hole. Many coaters use single-use plastic caps to protect threaded studs but throw away literally barrels of the caps. This practice conflicts with the desire to be a “green” corporate citizen, but using masking materials doesn’t provide any additional value to the parts.

Buying the least expensive materials for one or two uses is sometimes your best option, but there is a way to save money and reduce waste by using them longer. Hubbard-Hall’s Aquastrip ACB is a unique and non-hazardous product that will quickly strip masking materials including caps and plugs of Powdercoat, paints and CARC coatings. Not only will you save money by spending less on the actual materials, you’ll produce less waste. Think using chemicals will be harmful and use more energy? Aquastrip ACB is made with biodegradable components and can strip at low temperatures – so be green and save green by cleaning and re-using.

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