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SAFECHEM North America Announces Hubbard-Hall Inc as Authorized Distributor in the Northeast

SAFECHEM North America, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, recently announced Hubbard-Hall, Inc as an authorized distributor in the Northeast including New York, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and New England.

SAFECHEM provides solutions designed to meet the needs of metal degreasing and precision parts cleaning customers in the aerospace, automotive, electronic, medical and other advanced manufacturing industries. SAFECHEM offers customers a full range of solvents produced by Dow. Solvents are delivered in the unique closed-loop SAFECARE™ System, which greatly reduces the risk of worker exposure, as well as virtually eliminates the threat of spills or emissions into the environment. In addition to solvents, SAFECHEM provides a full range of individualized customer solutions including stabilizers, testing and analytical supplies, technical support and education training. Hubbard-Hall will provide customers with the full range of SAFECHEM services and products.

Hubbard Hall has always emphasized environmental responsibility, but the focus for the future is on proactively seeking out sustainable technologies, such as solutions like SAFECHEM. The SAFECHEM and Hubbard-Hall partnership brings a new cleaning solution to customers in the Northeast.

SAFECHEM’s mission is to enhance their customer’s sustainability. The relationship with Hubbard-Hall will enable customers to follow the “5R Model” – reducing, reusing and recycling within their cleaning process, doing so responsibly and achieving superior cleaning results.

“We are pleased to join forces with the SAFECHEM team introducing this system. It allows us the opportunity to offer our customers an alternative, using a safe closed loop system for cleaning under the guidelines of Responsible Care. SAFECHEM’s ‘best available technology’ gives our customers the ability to transport, store and handle solvents for optimum cleaning” said Senior Vice President of Sales, Gerry Mastropietro.

For more information about SAFECHEM or the SAFECARE™ Cleaning System, contact Hubbard-Hall at