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Reuse/Recycling Rinse Water: Update from the Green Committee

The rinse water produced at Hubbard-Hall will now be recycled in-house for non-critical equipment and maintenance cleaning. The rinse water is generated when mixing vessels and equipment are cleaned and sanitized between changes in production batches. This water is currently used by wastewater treatment facilities as a “green” solution for cleaning and pH control. The rinse water contains residue of detergents, cleaners and surfactants that can be ideal for various non-critical cleaning applications and is a model for recycling “green” solution.

As an ISO certified company we have strict criteria regarding the quality of our products. We have now initiated a plan to reuse some the “off-spec” material for much less critical end uses. Many of these products are perfectly good for certain applications, but the issue is finding the “right fit”. Waste disposal companies are now considering “right fit” opportunities. Some of the companies that deal directly with the “right fit” situations include SCORE Environmental, Chemswap and Tychem LLC who have the resources to find a home for off spec products for reuse and recycling that normally would have been discarded..

So, you might have some products or by products that you are unable to use but that might be suitable in other application. In the environment that we now live, we must always be aware of opportunities to recycle and reuse. For a consultation or analysis, please contact us at info@hubbardhall.