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Options for Blending Custom Formulations

Now that you have developed the perfect formula, you need to find a highly qualified, efficient and reliable company to handle and blend the hazardous chemicals. Mixing and blending various materials should be the easy part of the process, but handling hazardous chemicals requires a great deal of expertise, proper equipment and safety precautions. All of this equals big expenses and regulatory headaches.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen more and more companies realize it makes more sense in the long run to outsource toll blending and formulation. But how do you find a trusted partner who has the expertise and means to blend large quantities?

At Hubbard-Hall we have over 160 years experience handling and storing hazardous chemicals. With two manufacturing facilities in the US, we have the resources to handle dry and liquid blending in a variety of packages. What standards should you look for? Feel more confident working with a reputable company that operates under strict standards. All Hubbard-Hall locations are ISO 9001:2008 certified and RD (Responsible Distribution) verified. Look for association memberships such as ours with NACD and OmniChem. Before you trust you products and reputation to a toll blender, request references or see what other customers are saying. One customer, Steve Gilliam at Texize Inc., said:”Hubbard-Hall has helped Texize add to our bottom line by taking over the blending and packaging of our more complex and/or hazardous products. This has allowed us to focus more on growing sales.”

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