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One Alkaline Cleaner, So Many Uses

Removing Stubborn Label Adhesives from Plastic Spools

Our customer was taking approximately 1,000 plastic spools at a time and immersing them into a 500-gallon tank to remove labels, but its chemistry literally wasn’t cutting it. Existing chemistry was taking some of the label off the spool – doing the job completely, however, was requiring multiple runs. Worse, it was also a high caustic base chemical with a PH above 14.

Hubbard-Hall tested the Emerald HD 2 in the customers’ label removing tank. The Emerald HD 2 removed the entire label in the first session and was also a safer chemical for workers with a PH of less than 10.5.


Product Profile

Emerald HD 2 is a clear, heavy duty, mildly alkaline, low foam, general-purpose maintenance cleaner intended for industrial and institutional cleaning tasks. The product is water soluble, non-flammable and free of petroleum and chlorinated solvents, caustics, borates, and phosphates.

Emerald HD 2 is formulated with a biodegradable surfactant system derived from sustainable resources offering superior wetting, emulsification, and dispersion. Because of its unique formulation, Emerald HD 2 will clean a variety of oils, fats, and particulate soils.

It has been recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Design for the Environment Program (DfE) as offering improved health and environmental characteristics.

Emerald HD 2 Product Bulletin

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