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Odor, Odor Everywhere

A Liquid Blend of True Odor Neutralizers for Airborne Odors

Foul, objectionable odors can come from several sources and when the air is hot and sticky they seem to linger all day!

Hubbard-Hall’s new Aquapure™ Odor Lock is a liquid blend of true odor neutralizers for airborne odors. When sprayed or misted into the air the mist particles react with odor causing gases of organic and inorganic materials and converts them into odorless, stable, non-toxic compounds. Aquapure™ Odor Lock is highly effective at neutralizing hydrogen sulfide, methylmercaptan, ammonia, skatole, garbage and any air or surface odor. This can be applied in misting units to contain odor from solid waste rolloffs, sludge driers and belt presses of odorous sludge.

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