Better Chemistry. Better Business.


Nothing In Life Is Free……

Unless you have an injury free month at Hubbard-Hall.

“Better-Safer-Faster” has become our mantra in the past few years.

Being in the chemical industry, safety is always at the forefront of everything we do from manufacturing, to shipping, to training customers. To enforce the importance of safety at Hubbard-Hall, we have incorporated several new safety programs.

Each location practices the safety program in different ways but in one form or another they have a Safety Lunch or Breakfast, Morning Tool Box Talks, a Near Miss Program, a Safety Committee, and other programs that fall under “Responsible Distribution”.

Throughout the late 1990’s, the Waterbury facility averaged 12-OSHA recordable injuries per month. The average treatment cost per injury was $1,200. The Waterbury Operations management group needed to step up and improve the Safety Program.

The program that has succeeded beyond our expectations linked an injury-free work place to free food! Every month when we have NO recordable injuries everyone is rewarded with a free lunch or cook out and November was one of those months. Below you will see some of the Waterbury crew at this month’s Injury Free Safety Lunch.

Hubbard-Hall Waterbury Safety Lunch

Waterbury facility OSHA 300 injuries fell 75%. (Of course there had to be someone with a sprained wrist in the picture……we promise it didn’t happen at work!)