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Protect Parts From Corrosion During Outdoor Storage

With the triple H trifecta (hazy, hot and humid) hitting the much of the country soon, these conditions can cause some serious rust issues on steel during production and in indoor or outdoor storage. When perfectly climate controlled indoor storage isn’t an option, a rust preventative like Hubbard-Hall’s Metal Guard® 550 can provide ample corrosion protection for outdoor storage.

This viscous rust preventative provides a continuous film on steel parts during production and as a final protective coating for storage. Compared to conventional products, Metal Guard 550 is moisture resistant and will protect parts from wetness or dampness. It is also easy to use, either as received or slightly diluted, and can be applied by dipping, spraying or brushing at room temperature. With no special equipment needed Metal Guard 550 can be added to your process at a low cost and provide overall cost savings.