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New Solutions for Food Processing Wastewater

If odor, foaming or BOD issues are causing headaches at your facility, Hubbard-Hall has expanded the Aquapure Bio product line with new solutions for these common problems. Aquapure™ Bio 110, Aquapure™ Bio 45, Aquapure™ Bio C, and Aquapure™ Bio 50 AN are the latest in wastewater treatment technology.

Aquapure Bio 110, a Bacterial Sulfide Degrader, reduces or eliminates odors in wastewater by converting sulfide compounds to elemental sulfur. This easy to use powder formula will work in low pH and low oxygen environments. If foam is your problem, Aquapure Bio 45 will reduce foaming associated with several filaments such as Nocardia through the use of bacteria and enzymes. This filamentous bacteria can be used in the wastewater treatment facilities of food processing plants, beverage plants, breweries, as well as municipal treatment plants.

Aquapure Bio C, an organic carbon source, can be used as a substitute for methanol in food processing wastewater. It provides carbohydrates and protein for rapid bacterial growth and enzyme production. Aquapure Bio C also contains bacillus spores to establish and maintain biomass during low flow rates and can be used in conjunction with Aquapure Bio 150 as a nutrient for ammonia removal in tanks, lagoons, oxidation ditches and digesters.

Need to breakdown of food processing waste? Aquapure Bio 50 AN is formulated for municipal and food processing wastewater applications in which the dissolved oxygen is less than 1 mg/l and will break down waste products from most meat processing, dairies, vegetable packing, sugar, and carbohydrate processing facilities.