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New Safety Classes Offered

Hubbard-Hall has recently added three new online training classes to our extensive catalog. Properly addressing potentially hazardous conditions in the workplace is an important part of worker safety. It’s important, and sometimes required, to be proactive and learn how to avoid these situations.

The Eye and Face Protection course is a requirement for anyone who may enter or work within environments where conditions or operations present potential hazards to eyes or face. To reduce the risks of muscle and joint injury both on and off the job, Preventing Strains and Sprains identifies the risk factors for injury and reviews basic safety practices.

For those who may be exposed to hazards related to working on or near energized electronic components, the Arc Flash Safety Awareness, NFPA 70E provides awareness training on arc flash hazards, NFPA 70E requirements and safe work practices for both qualified and unqualified workers.

For more information please visit the Hubbard-Hall online training page. Or email