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New, Clear Solutions for Wastewater

Good things come in 3’s and we are proud to introduce 3 new wastewater treatment products designed for specific problems. The recent additions to our Aquapure™ line may be the solution you need for removing solids or promoting cell growth.

Is your wastewater crystal clear or does it look cloudy? Removing the organic solids and bio-waste is no longer an issue with our new Aquapure™ B-Cat RTU, a “ready to use” cationic polymer flocculant. It is used in wastewater treatment to help improve clarity of the water by massing organic solids together for removal. Designed for a variety of industrial applications, Aquapure B-Cat RTU works especially well on organics and bio-waste. This product is often used in conjunction in with other Aquapure wastewater products, to enhance the needed results.

To increase the rate of settling suspended solids, the precipitates from Aquapure™ ICM produce a dense floc with good settling properties. This iron based, blended coagulant works well with anionic or cationic flocculants like Aquapure B-Cat or Aquapure B-Cat RTU. Aquapure ICM is effective in dissolved air flotation systems for organic removal as well as in traditional bottom settling metal hydroxide precipitation.

A nutrient for biodiesel manufacturing, Aquapure™ Bio NP is a balanced blend of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds for bacteria growth and stabilization. Aquapure™ Bio NP provides trace levels of necessary chelated minerals that promote cell growth and additional alkaloids that are essential for the uptake of insoluble oxides.