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New Class Available

A new class is now offered through our Online Training program. A poplular course, Arc Flash Safety Awareness, NFPA 70E AF0F400-F0T is required for anyone who might potentially be exposed to hazards related to working on or near energized electric components, including those who could inadvertently approach such hazards.

The course provides awareness training on arc flash hazards, NFPA 70E requirements, and safe work practices for both qualified and unqualified workers. Coverage includes: understanding what arc flashes and blasts are and the injuries that can result, the difference between unqualified and qualified personnel, identifying the three types of boundaries, limited, restricted, and prohibited, understanding the PPE requirements for protection based on hazard level, awareness of warning labels and signs used to mark hazards, and creating safe working conditions related to arc flash hazards.

As always, this class is available through our online catalog at the low price of only $50. Click here to sign up or to request more information.