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New Chapter In Hubbard-Hall’s Family Leadership

Andrew K. Skipp Retires After 37 Years

This month sees a new chapter in Hubbard-Hall’s family leadership story when Andrew K. Skipp retires on December 31st, 2014 and his cousin and Charles (Chuck) T. Kellogg’s daughter, Molly C. Kellogg, will become the new President and CEO of Hubbard-Hall. Chuck said, “One of the great joys of a family business is seeing the next generation take over. Andrew has provided exceptional stewardship for our company and leadership in our industry. I know he will be successful in whatever venture comes next”.

Andrew started his career in 1977 as a sales representative and has held several roles throughout the company. When Andrew ascended to the position of President and CEO in 1999, sustainability was becoming essential for many executives to promote their corporate philosophies. As a strategic direction for Hubbard-Hall, Andrew determined that he would embrace the 3 pillars of sustainability; economic success, community involvement, and environmental protection.

His commitment to sustainability began when he launched Waterworks, a turnkey water-based parts washer service, and continued throughout his years as CEO. Under Andrew’s tenure the company has enjoyed financial success and established crucial initiatives, including Responsible Distribution, ISO, and Lean Manufacturing Principles.

As part of his commitment to community involvement Andrew has been involved in many local & national committees over the years:

Andrew was named the NACD Distributor of the Year in 2012.

Andrew was named the NACD Distributor of the Year in 2012.

  • Past Chairman; Board Member National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD).
  • Board Member; Chemical Education Foundation (CEF).
  • Board of Advisors; Torrington Supply Company, Waterbury, CT.
  • Board of Advisors; Chabaso Bakery, New Haven, CT.
  • Secretary; Board of Trustees Waterbury Hospital Network.



Most recently, Andrew initiated a double-blind survey to determine the most important factors for Hubbard-Hall’s customers. The resulting attributes, Product Consistency, On-Time Delivery & Quick Issue Resolution, have become a key focus for how Hubbard-Hall services customers and is now committed to providing monthly updates.

Andrew has been an inspirational leader to all of us at Hubbard-Hall and we are truly sad to see him go. There is a quote by Maya Angelou that is definitely true when it comes to describing the type of leader Andrew is, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

In addition to his leadership and friendship, the people of Hubbard-Hall and its partners would like to thank Andrew for positioning the company as one of the most respected independent companies in the chemical distribution industry.

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