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Metal Finishers Gather For Annual New England Regional

Hubbard-Hall was in attendance with both a tabletop and a cleaning presentation given by Senior Vice President and Technical Director Bob Farrell.

The New England Surface Finishing Regional in Hyannis, MA saw a big turn-out this year, with over 130 metal finishers in attendance on November 4th. There was much to see and do during the event, including 20 supplier tabletops, 10 technical and regulatory presentations, and the receipt of the Foundation Award by Terry Recal of Amesbury, MA for their long-time support of the event and the industry.

Among the presentations given was a technical session given by Hubbard-Hall’s Senior Vice President and Technical Director, Bob Farrell, on “Robust Non-etch Cleaning of Aluminum.” Bob covered three varieties of aluminum cleaner: silicate cleaners, borax cleaners, and methanesulfonic acid. While silicate and borax have their unique strengths and weaknesses, methanesulfonic acid cleaners are odorless, biodegradable, and will not complex metal ions, providing a wide variety of benefits with few of the disadvantages of traditional cleaners.

Advances in organic acid cleaners like these have resulted in a reduced number of process steps, increased productivity, quality improvements, and significantly less waste and waste disposal costs for manufacturers. In fact, one Hubbard-Hall customer saw annual savings of $90,000 and increased productivity after adopting organic acid cleaners into their process.