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Logistics Surcharge – Effective October 15, 2018

Like us, we are sure you are experiencing an increase in freight costs and, if you ship on an LTL basis, you may also be experiencing more delays and longer lead times. 

At Hubbard-Hall, we have seen an increase in freight charges of anywhere from 8 to 24% over the last 12 months, depending on the type of freight, the length of the haul and the efficiency of the route.  Note, these are not fuel cost increases, but freight cost increases driven essentially by the current trucker shortage.

Our industry faces the additional challenge of having stewardship of truckloads of chemicals – the regulatory requirements for hauling a truckload of chemicals are more stringent than just about any other product.  The impact of this is that, increasingly, drivers scheduled for pick-up of long haul loads – inbound and outbound – cancel, delay and/or increase their fees.

 As a chemical distributor and manufacturer, we can either put these higher costs into our prices or look for an alternative approach.  We have decided that the best approach is to keep the pricing transparent and, instead, add a Logistics surcharge to all orders.  Here are the details:

  • Effective as of October 15, 2018
  • Logistics Surcharge Amount: $35.00 per order
  • All Freight terms are impacted

 Here is documentation on industry trends as well as facts about the current trucking crisis and its impact on short and long-term freight costs.

 Please note that we take this step reluctantly but do it in order to remain a vital supplier to you and others.

 Please contact your sales representative if you have any further questions.