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Latest Products in Emerald line

Committed to provide better, safer and faster solutions to the metal finishing industry, Hubbard-Hall offers the Emerald line of environmentally friendly cleaners. The most recent additions to this line, Emerald HD2 and Emerald ICP 1 are now available.

A general-purpose maintenance cleaner, Emerald HD2 is a heavy duty, low foam, water-soluble product intended for superior industrial and institutional cleaning tasks. Formulated with a biodegradable surfactant system from sustainable resources, Emerald HD2 offers superior wetting, emulsification and dispersing that’s free rinsing. Because of this unique formulation, Emerald HD2 will clean a variety of oils, fats and particulate soils on floors, painted surfaces, machinery and even glass.

Emerald ICP 1 is a versatile, environmentally friendly, mildly alkaline liquid cleaner for various substrates including: ferrous metals, copper, brass alloys, stainless steel, aluminum and more. This low foam, water-soluble formula can be used as an immersion, ultrasonic, or spray cleaner. Emerald ICP 1 is effective on hard to clean lard, oils and synthetic lubricants and is also excellent in removing fine particulate soils or “smut” from stamped parts.