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Under The Lab Coat

Meet Ryan Catania, the Technical Service Representative who loves to clean his car.

Name: Ryan Catania
Title: Technical Service Representative
Product Lines: All except Aquapure and Black Magic.
“I help customers with all of our product lines but I would say my strongest expertise are in Cleaners, Electropolish and Paint Strippers.”
Educational Background: Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Connecticut.
Hobbies: Playing tennis & a slightly ridiculous obsession with cars.
“Believe it or not, I actually enjoy cleaning my car.”


Ryan Catania will take your questions now.

If a cleaning challenge has you perplexed, Ryan is your answer man. Whether by phone, email, via salesperson or on-site, you can count on him to come up with a solution for you.

Ryan recently audited a customer's plant and found them a chemical cost savings of about 20%.

Ryan recently audited a customer’s plant and found them a chemical cost savings of about 20%. The two biggest obstacles this customer faced were a lack of process control and monitoring. The solution- he developed titration and control procedures and went in daily for 3 months to train their lab staff.

Says Ryan, “I like trying to solve things, puzzling out the problems from my cubicle (although some days I may never sit down at it).”
Just two years out of UCONN/Storrs, and having spent three years interning at Hubbard-Hall before that, Ryan came to the company as have so many H-Hers – through a fortuitous family connection.

“I hadn’t heard much about it, but my Uncle, Tom Mazzamaro, is a sales representative here. He put my resume in front of Bob Farrell, Bob brought me in, and the rest is history.”

Spoken like a true 25-year-old.

The fact is, with his degree in chemical engineering, Ryan is something of a double threat. Concentrating on chemistry in the lab or at a customer site, he’s also evaluating infrastructure inside Hubbard-Hall, using more of his engineering background. Along the same lines, he’s now taking charge of providing solutions in electropolish, metal polishing for stainless steel.

“It’s about electricity and current and I like both,’ he says.

As one of Hubbard-Hall’s youngest professionals, Ryan admits that it’s a bit of a different dynamic than he’s used to; however, he enjoys working around so many experienced colleagues because he gets to learn so much. Apparently, he’s even learning something of a new language.

“I love working for Bob. We’ll banter back and forth all day long at different volumes of yelling between three walls. Sue and Peter ask me, ‘How can you understand him? We’ve worked with him for decades and we don’t understand him.’”

“My biggest fear coming out of college was that I’d come to work and do the same thing every day. Never happens here. Ever.”