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Under The Lab Coat With David Joyce

David Joyce has been an AquaPure Technical Service Representative with Hubbard-Hall for the past 5 years. Previous to working with Hubbard-Hall, David was the Finishing and Waste Treatment Environmental Manager at a lighting manufacturer for 28 years. He was responsible for environmental compliance, manufacturing/production, plating, paint/lacquer, polishing and wastewater treatment (WWT) departments.

When Robert Messore, Director of Sales, heard that the lighting manufacturer David worked for was closing, he had a light bulb moment. Robert knew that David would be the perfect addition to our technical service AquaPure team with his hands on experience and process knowledge.

We sat down with David this week to ask him a few questions to find out what is under the lab coat!

Interests & hobbies?

“I am a professional Tinkerer. Fixing things (and I mean anything) is not off limits, whether mechanical or electrical. Nothing is disposed of until I have had a try at it. My latest project david cropwas converting battery eating cabinet lighting to solar using 6 solar panels from the dollar store. Now my cabinets are lit 12 hrs/night, maybe I should have installed an off switch?

I admit I am a couch potato when the discovery channel is on. I’m intrigued with science & outer space.”

What is the most common WWT problem you come across?

“Well, it is definitely equipment, sadly WWT seems to have a bubble gum & duct tape budget until an incentive comes along, usually in the form of non compliance. A close second would be lack of communication of process dumps to the operator. Often I hear they unaware of what is coming at them leaving no time to prepare. A slug of cleaner or drag out can easily overload a system.”

A fact that most people don’t know about you?

“I am one of seven boys in our family, I am aka #6.”

What do you like most about your job?

“It’s the variety of problems; an issue could be the result of many factors. Treating the symptoms is satisfying, but finding the cure is rewarding.”

What is a recent wastewater challenge that you helped solve for a customer and how did you solve it?

“A customer could not develop anything more than pin flock for his system. This would let some colloidal material pass thru the filter press causing T.S.S in the effluent. Jar testing with multiple coagulants & anionic /cationic polymers were tried and all had similar results; that is until carbontrithioic acid was added to the mix and like magic instant flock.”

Have a WWT question you need answered? You can contact David at, he might even fix some things for you!